Tuesday, 12 January 2016

229 Items!

Yes, 229 items - that's what our small bunch of local amateur crafters produced while catching up with friends and family or watching television over the holiday period.  At the end of our first gathering of the new year last week, our parcel coordinator bravely took home the massive mound  of crafted items you see in the photo in the previous post and started counting ... and counting ... and counting.  When she re-emerged into the light of day this is what she had found!

8 neck warmer / scarves            
31 pairs of bootees /children's and adults slippers                        
122 hats  (baby, children and adult)                                          
14 pairs of gloves / hand warmers                     
 4 small blankets 
10 blanket squares
1 quilt
5 bags for storing toys, equipment etc
1 jumper
7 soft toys
26 toy mice
When we watch the news on TV or online it is tempting to think sometimes that we are powerless to prevent suffering and that there is so much of it in the world at the moment.  This may be true, in that most of us cannot prevent the suffering, but we each can do something positive to help when people are suffering - just by doing the crafts we enjoy doing anyway.  
Many of these 229 items will go to Turkey to help refugee families there through Lily - Love in the Language of Yarn while the toys and storage bags will go to Capetown to enrich the environment of some of the township creches through Little Libraries. 
There are so many organisations looking for toys, clothing, blankets and quilts to help people in need at home and abroad.  Blankets to warm and comfort adults and children alike.  Toys for a child to hug when they have left everything familiar behind. A play mat for a pre-schooler to sit on and enjoy when the creche floor is made of earth or sand. 
Many things can be made quite cheaply by upcycling - play mats from cot blankets that are no longer needed; several dresses and shorts  can be cut from one charity shop duvet cover; gloves and neck warmers from fleece tops that have become 'pilled' in places.
We feel lucky to have a hobby that can be of some use to others when they are in need.  If you are in or near Edinburgh and would like to join us at our Wednesday afternoon sessions, please contact us at enquiries-craftteaforcharity@hotmail.com .  You can also check us out on our Facebook page Craft Tea for Charity
If you are not close enough to join us, an online search should turn up some of  the many outlets that are out there waiting for your contributions. 
Happy Crafting, everyone!

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