Our Supporters

The world has some generous people and companies who have given freely of their time, their advice, their services and resources to help us help others in need.  It is not a cliche when we say here that we could not do what we do without the kindness and help of our sponsors.  You all rock!

Thank you for your brilliant support with our postage overseas each month. Your help means we can do so much more for children and adults in need around the world.  Thank you  all the friendly and helpful DHL staff who ensure our crafted items get safely and speedily to the overseas destinations where they are needed. A special thank you to Laura whose patience and friendly helpfulness know no bounds!
Thank you D.W. Cases of Musselburgh for providing us with your brilliantly sturdy boxes for our overseas shipments. They have sheltered our cuddly toys and other crafted items safely en route to Turkey and to South Africa throughout 2015 and thanks to your generosity will continue to ensure they arrive unharmed at their destinations for use by children and adults in need in 2016.  Thank you Barclay for looking after us so well and for your kindness!
Thank you Leo's Beanery for your spacious back room that allows us to get crafting every Wednesday afternoon, for your delicious cakes of course and for your support in providing a super venue for our Christmas fundraising events in aid of Mary's Meals in 2015. Thank you to all Leo's staff for your always cheerful help and for putting up with us and our needles and pins every Wednesday!
Thank you to everyone at edinburghprinting.com for your kindness and generosity in editing and printing our 2016 calendar. Thank you to the studio staff for giving your skills, your time and your resources to produce such a lovely result! And  thank you to Lynsey for your marvelous kindness and helpfulness in coordinating it all and liaising with us. We wouldn't have had a clue without you to help us!


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